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Market Analysis: AAPL 8/20/2014

Why Apple's iPhone 6 is stressing out developers

The pressure is mounting for Apple developers.

Ahead of Apple's likely iPhone 6 launch in September, app developers are scrambling to make sure their apps will work on iOS8, which is expected to launch alongside the new smartphone.

The new operating system is both an opportunity and a headache for the company's nine million registered developers, as they face the challenge of building apps for as-yet unknown products, and meeting consumers' sky-high expectations about usability.

Is Boeing Ready for Takeoff?

Boeing Stock Ready to go Sky High!

Boeing stock had suffered losses recently amid rising competition from its arch nemesis Airbus, the European aircraft maker, and amid concerns over surging costs in its new Jetliner, the 777. And yet,...

Daily Market Review - 08/20/2014

U.S. Stock Market (Dow Jones)

Dow Jones

U.S. indices traded higher on Tuesday after the CPI data came out as expected, The Dow Jones rose by 0.48%, the S&P 500 by 0.50%, and the NASDAQ added 0.43% to its value. Technically, as long as the Dow Jones is...

Weekly Trade Recap: 8/11 - 8/18

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Here's the Best Traders to Copy During August!

You are allowed to copy up to 5 traders on your eToro CopyTrader account. We have done the dirty work for you. Below you will find a healthy mix of traders with a wide variety of risk tolerance, leverage usage, trading frequency, and returns. We recommend picking 5 of these traders to follow for the next month for your portfolio:

High Risk / High Reward

  • 1


    Brand new trader to the team, with over 2,500% in returns over the last 3 months alone.

  • 2


    Add another huge month to Domfy's resume with 75% in returns last month. Keep him on your team.

  • 3


    August keeps Alvindecruz on the team with over 7% in returns for the month, but a ton of potential profit set up for the coming month.

Medium Risk / Medium Reward

  • 1


    Our long standing, medium risk trader added more small gains in July, but dimitrios1 better add more if he wants to keep his spot.

  • 2


    Is nearly 59% in returns in one month good enough for you Medium Riskers? We sure hope so. He stays.

  • 3


    With over 21% profit the past two months, marcomanica is the solid, medium risk trader we want you all to follow. Are you?

  • 4


    Laz6666 never disappoints. July saw him bring in 27% in profits, and he is showing no signs of drawdowns or losses.

Low Risk / Low Reward

  • 1


    Another month of low risk profits for Malsolo - you will appreciate his small gains with other, more risky traders in your portfolio.

  • 2


    We are rolling the dice a bit with joshsandler01 - he's a bit risky for low risk traders but his history has proved he deserves a shot on your team.

  • 3


    Steady steady steady, yet again. If you have high risk traders, add in Markthandel to help offset some of their swings.

Daily Market Review - 08/18/2014

US Stock Market (Dow Jones)

Dow Jones

Wall Street finished mixed on Friday with the NASDAQ rising by 0.27%, the S&P 500 trading almost unchanged, and the Dow Jones losing 0.3% from its value. Technically, according to the daily chart, as long as the Dow...

Daily Market Review - 08/15/2014

U.S. Stock Market (S&P 500)


U.S. indices finished in the green despite a disappointing UNEMPLOYMENT Claims report, which came out at 311K vs. 307K forecast. The NASDAQ rose by 0.43%, the S&P 500 by 0.43%, and the Dow Jones added 0.37% to its...

Apple bans use of two hazardous chemicals in iPhone, iPad assembly

Apple Bans Harmful Chemicals

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads as part of the company's latest commitment to protect the factory workers who build its trendy devices.

The decision announced Wednesday comes five months after the activist groups China Labor Watch and Green America launched a petition drive calling on Apple to abandon the use of benzene and n-hexane in the production of iPhones.

A four-month investigation at 22 factories found no evidence that benzene and n-hexane endangered the roughly 500,000 people who work at the plants, according to Apple. No traces of the chemicals were detected at 18 of the factories and the amounts found at the other four factories fell within acceptable safety levels, the Cupertino company said.

Daily Market Review - 08/14/2014

U.S. Stock Market (Dow Jones)


U.S. indices finished in the green after surging biotech shares helped investors shrug off disappointing retail sales data. The NASDAQ rose by 1.02%, the S&P 500 by 0.67%, and the Dow Jones added 0.55% to its...

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