Market Analysis: GOLD 8/29/14

Ebola a long-term 'blip' for Africa investors

When Africa investment consultant Melissa Cook landed in Abuja last week, Nigerian airport workers took her temperature for signs of Ebola.

Purell hand sanitizer was ubiquitous around offices in Abuja and Lagos. Some of her international contacts postponed trips to the region; the bar at the Radisson Blu in Lagos' affluent Victoria Island section was mostly empty.

But Cook still had a packed schedule of meetings with local business people and government officials to drive power sector projects forward.

"Clearly people are aware of (the Ebola scare), but it's not something that's slowing anybody down," African Sunrise Partners managing director Cook said. "As far as Nigerians are concerned, business is full steam ahead."


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The Bladerunner Trade – Best Forex Trading Strategy

Getting Advanced with Bladerunner Strategy

The most suitable price action strategy in Forex trading is the Bladerunner strategy, because this strategy uses the price actions in order to find entries. Usually traders use it in combination with round numbers, candlesticks, pivot points, and resistance and support level.

Moreover, you do not need to have any indicators, such as, RSI, MACD, and Stochastics to use the Bladerunner strategy. These indicators are also known as the off-chart indicators. However, you can use your favourite indicators if you are confident about them. For example, some people trade this strategy along with the Fibonacci levels, which is completely fine as long as you are comfortable with it.


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Daily Market Review - 08/29/2014

U.S. Stock Market (NASDAQ)


Despite better than expected economic data, U.S. indices finished in the red as investors show increasing concern over the violence in Ukraine. The NASDAQ fell by 0.26%, the S&P 500 by 0.17%, and the Dow Jones lost...


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For the month of August, we're paying out an extra $1,000 to the top referrers. So, spread the word to your friends and get your share! Your friends will get free money to trade with, and you will be paid up to $100 per friend you send. In addition, you'll climb the leaderboard to the right and earn your share of the $1,000 prize pool!

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For every referral you bring that deposits this month, you will earn 1 point for the Leaderboard.


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Expert Advice


Auto Trading Binary Platform Review

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Auto Trading Binary (ATB) started its services in 2011 under the supervision of numerous binary option trading gurus. The platform supports trading on more than 150 different assets and expiries. It is an intermediary service that allows members to control the preferences that leads to automated trading.

Astonishing features:

Hands-off trading: With Auto Trading Binary services, you can now trade even when you are sleeping. You do not need to manually commit every single trade so this platform gives you more freedom which is actually one of the ideals behind online trading.

Education center: Most traders are not aware of the basic principles of how automatic trading works. ATB understands this and provides in-depth tutorials, rich with knowledge that can get any trader up and running with the platform in no time.


How to Trade Bollinger Band Bounces

How to Trade Bollinger Band Bounces

If you are a Forex trader, you will definitely be aware of the fact that obvious trends are more easy and straight forward to trade as compared to the trade where the prices are range bound, or appear to move sideways. In fact, most of the traders give away the likelihood of trading at all in a market where the prices are range bound, and step aside unless the price shows the obvious trends once again. However, there are certain strategies, which can be used for these restricted range of prices, and using the Bollinger band bounces is one of them.

This is based on the price behavior after observing it closely. In this strategy, Bollinger bands develop a sort of limit for a price movement in the short term. Therefore, the name ‘Bollinger bands’ actually justifies the pattern in which they depict one characteristic of a rubber band (i.e. Elasticity). In the Bollinger band bounces, the price actually reaches the outer band, experience resistance, and move back in the direction of the opposite band.


The Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

Your Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

This strategy is used to enter the trade by confluencing the daily pivot points and Fibonacci retracements. Some of the favorable parameters used by the traders are 38 percent or 50 percent Fibonacci points that are in confluence with the daily pivots. Like any other free forex trading strategy, this strategy can be interpreted in many different ways as there are many variations to it. However, experienced traders use the daily Fibonacci pivot strategy to increase the chances of opportunities that comes with relaxing the trade entry requirements in a following ways:

  • Find a trade entry of a currency pair, which shows that the average true range of previous 5 days exceeds the trading sessions of the past few days.
  • And draw fibs at the beginning of the current session, from the last few days low to high in case the price is currently more than the current central pivot point. Or, from high to low of the last few days if the current price is lower than the current central pivot level.
  • Find a confluence of daily central pivot level and Fibonacci retracement points.
  • Once the price is identified after retracing to the confluence, a trader enters the trade or wait for the confirmed candle signals in order to confluence before the entry. Although, entering the trade before a confirmed signal is very risky, yet, higher risk is associated with higher returns.