Daily Market Review - 04/15/2014

US Stock Market (CitiGroup)


US indices closed in the green as the earnings reports of today for the first quarter in 2014 came out better than expected sending Wall Street to rise by almost 1%. NASDAQ rose by 0.81%, the S&P500 by 0.82% and the...

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Market Analysis: GOLD 4/15/2014

Gold is Looking Pretty Solid Right Now

Century Management's Arnold Van Den Berg (Trades, Portfolio) already reported his first quarter portfolio. He bought fewer stocks this quarter than in the previous quarter, with 14 new buys compared to 22. The decreased purchasing could be related to his wariness of the U.S. economy's stability. In his February note, "Inflation, Gold and Gold Mining Companies," he wrote:

"We continue to be concerned about the increasing levels of federal debt, Fed policy and quantitative easing, and the overall lack of political will to change the present course. As a result, we believe that the probability of elevated inflation over the next 5 years has dramatically increased and have been reviewing gold as a potential investment for our portfolios."

"When you consider the rate at which public debt is increasing, along with the fact that so many countries around the world instituted their own versions of quantitative easing (i.e. printing money) while increasing debt levels, these conditions are unprecedented. We have found no historical example of so many major countries simultaneously engaged in quantitative easing. Just ten years ago we would not have thought such an economic environment was even possible."


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Interactive Option

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CopyTrader Blog

Best eToro Traders to Copy - The April Edition

You are allowed to copy up to 5 traders on your eToro CopyTrader account. We have done the dirty work for you. Below you will find a healthy mix of traders with a wide variety of risk tolerance, leverage usage, trading frequency, and returns. We recommend picking 5 of these traders to follow for the next month for your portfolio:

High Risk / High Reward

  • 1


    After over 64% in returns in March, we are keeping him as an anchor in our March team!

  • 2


    Domyf92 is the definition of high risk - buckle up and be prepared to experience wild swings in your account balance. Could pay off big!

  • 3


    Wizardluiz stays despite his very small downturn in March. If he's in your portfolio, wait his trades out.

Medium Risk / Medium Reward

  • 1


    TomazAquino is +35% from last month - he deserves to stay on as a great Medium risk trader.

  • 2


    Brand new trader with 100% of her trades being medium risk. 2/3rds of her weeks are profitable, and solid retruns have been proven.

  • 3


    New trader with over 10% returns last month. Mainly a currency trader with over 70% of weeks being profitable.

  • 4


    March solidified laz6666 spot on our Medium Risk trading team - 10% of profits and small downturns keep him as a solid choice.

Low Risk / Low Reward

  • 1


    Despite the minimal downturn last month, Malsolo has proven that his trades profit over the long term. Consider him!

  • 2


    With over 26% in profits from taetae3751 in March, he will be a huge peice of our low risk team going forward.

  • 3


    Caraj51 did what Caraj51 does - made solid profits with very little downside risk. He stays.


Daily Market Review - 04/14/2014

US Stock Market


US indices closed the trading week negative after worse than expected earnings reports for the first quarter of 2014. The NASDAQ fell by 1.17%, the S&P 500 by 0.95%, and the Dow Jones lost 0.89% from its value. Technically,...


Exceptional IntelliTraders: Hugo Vital

Give a warm welcome to Hugo Vital!

There are many traders in the world today who are doing very well for themselves. Hugo Vital, or Guhhhh is definitely one of these traders! He owes his success primarily to IntelliTraders. The good people at Intellitraders gave Hugo a beginning bankroll to trade with on eToro to help start his career.

Over the last 6 months on eToro Chaehoju has gained 1,420% and has won 42 out of 55 trades. That's impressive! It's nice to see an investment payoff and for one of our traders to become one of the most copied traders on eToro! We look forward to his continued success on eToro and are looking for our next investment. We think that it could be you! Click the link below and learn how you can take the first step to becoming a successful trader.

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