Forex Profits - 100% Automated

Let our pro forex traders manage YOUR trading account to generate consistent trading profits for you. A real human will be trading your account, yet you remain in full control.

What is a Forex Managed Account?

We currently have three full-time forex traders with over 32 years experience combined. We place trades in our own accounts 6 days a week. Using an advanced software that works with the MT4 platform we trade on, we are able to place the trades on YOUR forex account, even when you sleep.

Managed Forex Account Features

  • No software to install or run
  • Your computer can be offline or even entirely off. Trades will still be placed.
  • 5 Minute Setup (really)
  • You remain in COMPLETE control. We DO NOT have access to your broker account, Only your MT4 account which allows us to place the trades.
  • 100% safe and secure
  • You control the LEVERAGE. If you want the same leverage we use, no problem. If you want 2x the reward (and risk!), you can. Or 1/2. Or any other combination!

What should I expect?

You will NOT earn 100% in an hour or a day or a week like you can with binary options. You can expect 5-10 trades per day. We aim for 10% profit per month. Using leverage you can aggressively grow this up to 50%+ per month. 100% autopilot.

How do I start?

You need a funded broker account that we are compatible with (see below). And then you need to provide us with a bit of info. That's all!

  1. Get a Broker (must have MT4)
    Find a Forex Broker  
  2. Fund Your Account (ask us for promotions!)
  3. Fill out this form with your broker details
    Full Name
    MT4 platform account number
    Password (note: this is NOT your broker account password - only your MT4 password. We do NOT have access to your funds.
    Risk Setting (50%, 100% (default), 150%, 200%, etc)

We will tell you when it's live and running!

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