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Daily Market Review - 09/11/2014

U.S. Stock Market


U.S. indices traded in the green yesterday, mostly because of the Apple rebounds following the release of the iPhone 6. The NASDAQ rose by 0.75%, the S&P 500 by 0.36%, and the Dow Jones added 0.32% to its value. Technically,...

Market Analysis: AAPL 9/10/2014

What's the iWatch All About?

Apple has officially unveiled its long-awaited Watch, and while some in the tech and fashion industries are praising the latest gadget, don’t expect it to take over the traditional watch market anytime soon.

Watches have been around for more than 500 years, surviving wars and technological revolutions. We may have advanced past the mechanics of the classic wristwatch, but we're still a long way from trading our Rolexes for smartwatches.

"The Apple Watch ... won't have a dramatic impact on the Swiss watch market at this stage, as the majority of the market is composed of brands at a luxury level, David Sadigh, founder and CEO of the Digital Luxury Group, told Business Insider. "Folks at Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, and Patek Philippe can still sleep well at night."

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Here's the Best Traders to Copy During September!

You are allowed to copy up to 5 traders on your eToro CopyTrader account. We have done the dirty work for you. Below you will find a healthy mix of traders with a wide variety of risk tolerance, leverage usage, trading frequency, and returns. We recommend picking 5 of these traders to follow for the next month for your portfolio:

High Risk / High Reward

  • 1


    Despite his long username, chavalitthankong makes his copiers money. Through about equal trades in commodities and currencies, he strives for a balanced portfolio centered on profits.

  • 2


    fahad1821 will give you the high leverage trades you are obviously seeking. Please keep his swings tapered with a few low risk guys - enjoy the ride!

  • 3


    Out of Germany, this trader has brought in almost 50% in profits for his Copiers, and now we add him to our High Risk squad!

Medium Risk / Medium Reward

  • 1


    In a month where we've had more turnover with our team than any other, dimitrios1 still managed to make a profit - that's saying something. He stays.

  • 2


    With Maurik2000 we have taken a bit of a different direction, as most of his significant profits come from his diligent research and copying other traders. Follow his lead.

  • 3


    JorgeASCruz has poured in positive returns in each of the last few months, never less than 10%. His equity curve is gorgeous - copy him!

  • 4


    Though Salom72 throws a lot of high risk trades in his portfolio, he has proven to bring in consistant profits with a medium risk mentality.

Low Risk / Low Reward

  • 1


    In gaining over 10% the last three months, this low risk trader will be a great addition to your portfolio, especially if you have stacked more risky traders.

  • 2


    A proven low risk trader, this currency expert has shown an impressive curve to his profits, always steering clear of the big losses.

  • 3


    Markthandel had a bit of a pullback on his equity in August, but his history keeps him around for another session.

Daily Market Review - 09/10/2014


EURUSD_Sep 10 2014

The Euro is still indecisive after last week. It has started its way down, but eventually is back on previous levels, following the downfall. Taking to account the fundamental background, the bias is bearish.


USDJPY_Sep 10 2014

The asset continues...

We’re changing the way we do customer service!

Get Ready to Feel the Zen!

A very big change is taking place in our customer service center. We are changing our customer service ticketing and live chat programs to better assist none other than you!

eToro is moving to a ZenDesk ticketing system and Zopim live chat system. So what does this mean for you, the user? Our new service system will allows us to better manage your requests and assist you more quickly and efficiently.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that during the day of the change, Sunday, September 7th 2014, the ability to open tickets and live chats will be limited. We are here to support you, but we recommend that should you have any issues to record the information and wait until the transfer is complete before opening any tickets. During this time the market is closed so there should be no urgent issues.

As a result of this migration, after September 6th any replies to the email sent previously about your currently open CRM tickets will not reach us!

Daily Market Review - 09/05/2014


EURUSD_Sep 5 2014

The pattern speaks for itself. After a downfall the Euro is trendless, what is quite natural in this situation. Obviously the bias is bearish, as the decline of the Euro rate is only a matter of time.


USDJPY_Sep 5 2014

We now witness correction...

All eyes on Apple: Will iPhone 6 be a win or a fail?

What Can We Expect From the iPhone 6?

Few companies in the world manage to generate as much buzz around product launches like Apple does. This time around, the company has also taken its sweet time developing the latest version of its iconic iPhone, giving way to wild rumors and speculations, that one could think September 9th was the date set for a second coming rather than just the unveiling of a phone.

The investigative bloggers have also done their share, leaking out valuable bits of information about the iPhone 6 that have set the expectations of techies and investors alike exceptionally high. Therein lies the catch; If the device fails to be anything short of miraculous, investors may instinctively reach for the sell button despite it being a decent and profitable product for the company.

This type of pattern has accompanied almost every Apple release with an initial rise in its stock price rise prior to the announcement which is followed by a tumble as soon as the product hits the shelves.

Daily Market Review - 09/04/2014


EURUSD_Sep 4 2014

The Euro is bouncing from the support line. The pattern suggests an upward trend at least in the near term instead of consolidation. So short term forecast is bullish.


USDJPY_Sep 4 2014

As expected the asset is down. Now we can see that it...

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