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Sit back & Let Copy Other Traders Automatically


We think CopyTrader will revolutionize financial markets and the way people trade, and we're excited to showcase it on IntelliTraders! This intuitive technology is EXCLUSIVE to eToro, and there are no other platforms that offer anything close to this feature (in our opinion). Ready for more? Keep reading...

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Copy our Experts at eToro - We do the Work for You!

We have developed an automated strategy for forex trading. We will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, and it will take no more than 10 minutes per week from you. Your trading account will automatically execute the same trades as other great traders, thanks to CopyTrader , and you will share the exact same results. Even while you sleep.

We currently have 17,480 members trading with eToro.

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CopyTrader Benefits for IntelliTraders

Copytrade our Experts

eToro's CopyTrade feature allows you to copy our Experts so you never have to manually place trades. It is 100% automatic after you choose which traders to copy. This is where we do all the work.

  • Every week, we will analyse results from our systems and we will post which traders you need to copy. We will also tell you how much of your bankroll to copy them with.
  • We will post our "Top 10 Experts" You can choose to copy all 10 of them, or you can select less. In order to spread risk, we suggest you copy a minimum of 5.
  • As a trading team member, you will also receive our team-only email updates anytime we require action from you.

Automated Trading (even while you sleep)

Within 10 minutes, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to start generating automated trading profits. Once you have your eToro account, we tell you every week which traders we recommend you copy and with what risk

Start with as little as $200

You don't need a huge bankroll to join the IT Trading Team. With $200, you can join and make automated trading profits (remember, there is always risk, too). Of course the larger your account size, the larger your profits can be.

Exclusive Forum

Our CopyTrader members are serious about trading, and you can learn from them (and help others!). You will have your own Forum to discuss with other CopyTrader members.

How CopyTrader Works

  • We Find Profitable Forex Traders

    We filter thousands of traders from eToro through our testing process and end up with the TOP ones!

  • You Choose How Much to Invest

    You can copy another trader with as little as $20 in your account, with no maximum. All you do is click COPY-TRADE on their profile and enter the amount you want to invest in their trades.

  • CopyTrader Makes Their Trades on YOUR Account...automatically!

    When a trader you copy makes any trade, your account will make the exact same trade immediately with a proportional investment site. Sit back and make money while you learn from the pro's!

  • You Choose How Much to Invest

    You can copy another trader with as little as $20 in your account, with no maximum. All you do is click COPY-TRADE on their profile and enter the amount you want to invest in their trades.

Create an IntelliTraders


First, you need to become a member (You aren't a member yet). You can easily sign up for a free IntelliTraders account, by clicking here!

Create an eToro Trading


Next, You'll need an account with our trading partner eToro. It's very important that you sign up for eToro from this link so we can verify your account.

Verify your eToro


Once you have your account, send over your username so we can verify your account. This is the only way we'll be able to add you to the team & give you the system updates.



Our Trading Partners give us private offers for "serious traders". Guess who we give them to? Yep ... IT Trading Team members.

We only want serious traders on our Trading Team. You don't need a huge bankroll, but we do ask that you have a serious interest in trading and making money

  • You must meet the following requirements to be an IT Trading Team member:
  • You must create your eToro account using OUR LINKS. Otherwise we will not be able to verify your account and we cannot have you on the team.
  • You must have 10 minutes available every week to follow our instruction on which traders to copy.
  • You must check your email at least every 48 hours in case we change who you should copy.

Key Features of CopyTrader:

  • You can copy other traders without even being at the computer!
  • Allows you to trade just like other traders with PROPORTIONAL amounts
  • So even the smallest accounts can benefit while providing similar performance between copier and copied trader.
  • Full Transparency & Full Control!
  • If you want to stop following a trader or exit a trader without them, you can! You have total freedom.

Some Cool Notes...

The clever system will not allow you to copy a traderwho is already copying you, or a trader you are already copying.

You are allowed to invest up to 20% of YOUR balance (demo or real) into your chosen trader. For example, if you have a $1,000 account, you can invest up to $200 in each trader you copy. You can Copy up to FIVE traders.


YES! All rates are guaranteed by eToro, even if there is a lag between the Guru's account and your account.

Minimal CopyTrader amount is $10 per trade.

You can use as little as $0.01 in a single position.

The spread for such trade will be $0.00.

YES! Android Phones will support the CopyTrader functionality. The Desktop application will allow you to see the trades that are copied, but you cannot segment the trades by "Trader / Guru" at this time

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