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eToro Adds New Currencies to Trade With!

Checkout the New Currencies on eToro!

We wanted to let you know that, we will soon be adding a few of the most volatile instruments in the currencies market to our offering, starting with the Russian Ruble and the Chinese Yuan!

Both new currencies will be available for trading on Monday, October 20th.

The Russian and Chinese currencies are considered to be two of the world’s most volatile currencies, and for those of you who like to follow global changes, they’re a dream come true. Not only are these currencies just about as volatile as it gets, but the governments that are behind these currencies are taking an active part in changing the world as we know it. China is becoming one of the economically strongest nations on Earth, while Russia is ignoring the West and taking over the Ukraine. In other words, if you want to go short on Putin, you’re more than welcome to, but we will not be held accountable for the results should he take it personally and react with invading your country as well…

REST — the Key to Success in Financial Investments

Get Your REST and Be a Successful Investor!

Before any trader starts investing, it is extremely essential to have a sound knowledge about what you will be dealing with. Study and analyze the market, where you want to invest. There is no ‘Rocket science’ involved in financial planning, but it needs to be clearly understood before making any decision. You need to clearly define the rules for the trading game. If you don’t ‘map-out’ the route you will most likely follow, there is a very high chance that you may get lost in reaching your destination. “REST” is a very important financial planning strategy is discussed further below:


One of the most ignored aspect of trading is Risk. Every trader needs to be fully aware of the risks and the ways to mitigate the risk factor. The foremost thing that every trader should consider before jumping into any financial trading is the estimation of risks and how to overcome them. A number of models are available to access and manage the risks, and they should be studies by the trader before time. Every trader jumps into this business with the view to earn maximum profit and reduce the losses that might come in way.

Binary Options Success Stories - 10/14/2014

I Turned 0 Into k in 10 Months!

I happened to stumble upon binary options quite by chance. A couple of years ago, my brother went through a phase where he fancied himself as a bit of a financial trader. He bought all sorts of books, attended numerous seminars and was hooked on to Bloomberg news day and night. How I Turned 0 into k in 10 Months. He was a pretty average kind of a trader; lacked discipline and got easily carried away. Anyway, he didn’t lose an awful lot of money, but didn’t make much either.

When he finally decided to quit, he had 0 left in his account. It was at this point that I asked him if I could try my hand at binary options trading. Being the bully that he always has been, he quickly dismissed my prospects of succeeding as an online day trader. How could the kid brother grasp the myriad complexities of the world’s financial markets better than the much smarter big brother?

Daily Market Review - 10/14/2014

US Stock Market (S&P 500)

S&P 500

U.S Indices fail to recover from last week declines and traded in red on Monday. The Dow Jones fell by 1.35%, the S&P 500 by 1.65%, and the NASDAQ lost 1.46% from its value. Technically, according to the daily chart,...

Why Prefer Forex Trading over Other Investments

Why We Prefer Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the most prevalent types of investing, as it provides the investors with a chance to earn quick profits due to small changes in one country's currency. There are a number of advantages that Forex trading possesses in comparison to other investments. A few are given below:

Reduced Margin Rates:
Just like futures and stock speculation, a Forex trader has the ability to control a large amount of the currency basically by putting up a small amount of margin. However, the margin requirements that are needed for trading futures are usually around 5% of the full value of the holding.
One of the most promising advantages of using Forex trading is lower margins. This gives the trader the power to regulate very large amount of currency, by putting forward a minimum margins. Similarly the prerequisites for margin which are required for trading are generally 5% of the holding share or stock value. Trading through margin value has a lot of added advantage over other investment methods, but traders need to cater for the risk possibilities. They should clear all their doubts before opting for margin trading.  There is a chance that the given margin value may fall below the specified value, which may affect the liquidity of your account.

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Gold Members

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Weekly Trade Recap: 10/06 - 10/13

Our Members Made 0 Last Week

During the last few months our professional traders have been raking in the profits for us and our members. We're extremely pleased with their results and our members are as well. While we average about 0 profit per week, these numbers are starting to look more and more conservative.

During the past month the average has been raised to about 0 - 0 per month! But here at IntelliTraders we're always reaching for new heights. In the last seven days we have made our members almost 0. If your looking to step up your monthly income, you'd be hard pressed to find better results that our Gold Members recieve each week.

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Here's the Best CopyTraders for October!

You are allowed to copy up to 5 traders on your eToro CopyTrader account. We have done the dirty work for you. Below you will find a healthy mix of traders with a wide variety of risk tolerance, leverage usage, trading frequency, and returns. We recommend picking 5 of these traders to follow for the next month for your portfolio:

High Risk / High Reward

  • 1


    How does 155% in profits over the last 6 months sound? That's what FCInvestment has produced, all with minimal drawdowns. Welcome!

  • 2


    From the Netherlands, Bigwinners has profited over 10% last month and over 60% over the past 6 months. Consistant gains can't be beat!

  • 3


    For a true High Risk trader, look to add MaxxizLT to your portfolio. He gained over 30% last month along. Beware of his swings though.

Medium Risk / Medium Reward

  • 1


    Dimitrios stays on for October with minimal drawdowns in a month where nearly every trader lost their bankroll. He is tried and true.

  • 2


    Maurik2000 is a repeat trader for us, and we are counting on his proven history of turning around losing trades. We fully admit he is a risky pospect as a medium risk trader, but he could pay off big!

  • 3


    Over 80% of JorgeASCruz's trades are in the medium risk category, but he is not afraid to let his trades linger if they are losing. Watch for his swings, but he has a chance to make you good money.

  • 4


    Amreibaehr is new to our October trading team, and she is a bit on the wild side. She peppers in some high risk trades, but covers them before they become too stressful. Look to add her.

Low Risk / Low Reward

  • 1


    All low risk, all the time, HugoOchoa isn't out to make huge money but he has profited consistantly over long periods of time. Use him to cut risk.

  • 2


    Though GaryYouell has a high percentage of high risk trades he has proven to cover losses before they get out of hand. He also does this on the profit side too, limiting both his risk and gains.

  • 3


    In a month where losses were all over, Markthandel stayed strong and broke nearly even on the month. That's a sign of a great trader.

Daily Market Review - 10/10/2014



As has been mentioned above the Euro has retraced. Nevertheless the pattern suggests an approaching end of the aforementioned correction with subsequent recurrence of the upward trend.



The pair is down. The decline has been...

Daily Market Review - 10/09/2014

U.S. Stock Market (S&P 500)


U.S. indices finished in the red over global growth concerns. The NASDAQ fell by 1.60%, the S&P 500 by 1.51%, and the Dow Jones lost 1.56% from its value. Technically, according to the 1-hour chart, the S&P 500 has...

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