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TradEqual Review

Make Your Own Binary Options

TradEqual has introduced 3rd Generation Binary Options Trading where you can write your own profitable binary options to sell to other traders in an open and equal exchange platform. The first open social trading platform allows you to chat with other traders, track market trends, and create new options to sell online. You can earn unlimited returns on your investment by buying, writing and selling binary options on TradEqual. Welcome to the first level playing field in binary options trading!

TradEqual's Binary Options Exchange is the first exchange to offer peer-to-peer binary options trading in a secure, simple and open network. Our peer-to-peer exchange is the first and only peer-to-peer trading platform where brokers don't profit from losses incurred by traders. Unlike other trading platforms, on the TradEqual Exchange a trader can set his own payouts with no limits, and can also buy, write and sell options with other traders in the networks. See for yourself how it works.

TradEqual does not make the binary options for its traders. The traders are allowed to write their own binary options and offer them for sale to other traders in the network. You have the ability to operate as a binary options broker for the first time. You determine the choice of financial asset, the expiration and the payout to offer, then set the amount of capital you want to risk, and finally, with a simple 'click', you upload it on the TradEqual Binary Options Exchange. You are given the opportunity to write binary options for other traders, and to let everyone in the peer-to-peer network view the binary option you have written.

The Best Payouts

In order to encourage competition on the Exchange between traders, TradEqual uses an algorithm to find the top binary options written with the largest payouts on the trading board. The best three options are displayed in the Order Book. There are no limits on the payouts that you can write on your binary options. You can write a payout as low as 60% or as high as 800%. However if other traders are offering bigger payouts, their trades will be listed above yours on the trading board. So no one will view your binary option unless you offer a bigger payout.

As traders on the Exchange have to compete with each other to offer the best options, you are likely to find significantly larger payouts on TradEqual's trading network. So the TradEqual platform provides you with the benefit of not having brokers benefit from your trading losses, as well as the additional benefit of better payouts, TradEqual offers the most competitive payouts of any standard high/low binary option, making it the binary option platform with the highest payouts.


The commission charged by TradEqual is 4% of the turnover of the trade, taken from the account of the trader with the correct prediction on the option's movement. You are not charged if the trade is unsuccessful. If the buyer of the option predicts the price correctly and receives a payout, then 4% of the trade's turnover is deducted from his account.

If the writer of the option predicts the price correctly and receives the buyer's investment, then he will pay 4% of the trade's turnover as commission. If the trading result is a 'tie' and the option expires 'at-the-money', then both the buyer and seller get their investment back and pay the Exchange 4% commission from their investment accounts.


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  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Email Support: Yes
  • Phone Support: Yes

  • Broker Type: Binary Options
  • Deposit Options:
  • Credit Card
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire
  • Neteller

  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Maximum Deposit: $50000
  • Deposit Bonus: 100%



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