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24Option Review

24Option Introduction

24option is a label powered by seasoned professionals in the fields of Forex trading and online marketing. Their combined expertise ignited the launch of the 24option platform.

24option's series of advanced pricing algorithms provides the technology to power an unparalleled range of financial instruments. The ease of the 24option user interface, online assistance and support from a highly dedicated team make trading simple.

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Things to know about 24Option

The 24option platform is a unique binary online trading interface which allows three types of binary option trading instruments as follows:

  • High/Low High/Low binary options are written with target rates around the prevailing market price. Their outcome depends where the underlying rate is relative to the target rate at the time of expiration.
  • Touch/No Touch Touch and No Touch binary options are characterized by a touch rate or price. Their outcome depends upon whether the price in the market reaches or fails to reach that touch rate before the option's expiration.
  • In/Out BoundaryIn and Out Boundary options have both an upper and a lower target price that form a boundary range. These instruments outcome depends on where the market price is at the option's expiration compared to the boundary range.

The 24option platform suits everyone from the experienced trader to the novice investor. You can enjoy up to an 85% and 350% (weekends only) return in a matter of minutes with all risks and rewards approved prior to investment.

Trading at 24option is safe and secure. Liabilities and exposures are carefully managed with guaranteed payout of profits according to our terms and conditions.

Highest Payout Percentages:

24option has the�highest return�in the market, offering up to 85% and 250% (weekend only) on a trade depending on the asset you are betting on. Another very unique feature is the Buy Back Option, which allows you to take out your money at any time, before the Binary Option's expiry time.

Available Assets to Trade...

24option allows you to choose 24/7 from vast range of Assets such as Indexes, Commodities, Currencies and Stocks:

Euro-Dollar, Pound-Dollar, Euro-Japanese Yen, Dollar-Japanese Yen, Pound-Japanese Yen, Pound-Euro, Euro-Pound, Australian Dollar-USD, USD-Canadian Dollar

Vodafone, Lloyds, British Petroleum PLC (BP), Barclays PLC, Google Inc, Apple Inc, Telefonica SA

Gold, Silver

Stock Indices
FTSE-100, Dax-30, Dow Jones, Nasdaq Composite, IBEX-35, Nikkei225 H/L

24option site and support are available in nine languages:
English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Romanian and Turkish.

24Option Unique Features...


A High/Low instrument is one which is written around the current market price and allows the user to decide whether the market will by Higher or Lower at expiration relative to the current market price.

One Touch

A One Touch instrument is one which is written around the target price and whose outcome depends on whether the market price reaches or does not reach the target price prior to the expiry of the option.


A Boundary instrument is one which is written around two target prices (a lower and an upper target) together forming a boundary range. The outcome of this option depends upon the market price at expiration relative to the boundary range.

Buy Back Option

This feature allows you to take out your money before the Binary Option expires. This means that at any given time, before it expires you can decide to withdraw your money, and receive your return.

24Option.com Advantages

  • 24/7 trading
  • 3 different trading instruments: High/Low, One Touch, Boundary
  • Highest return up to 250%
  • Buy Back Option
  • 8 languages available
  • Credit card payments
  • 5 business days withdraw
  • Live chat support


24Option Logo

  • Live Chat:�Yes
  • Email Support:�Yes
  • Phone Support:�Yes

Create 24Option Account Now »

  • Broker Type: Forex Trading
  • Deposit Options:
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire
  • Neteller

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Maximum Deposit: $50,000
  • Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1,000



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